<![CDATA[Rebecca Cook - Mood Record]]>Fri, 22 Dec 2017 14:25:19 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[another good day]]>Wed, 17 Jun 2015 13:19:07 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/another-good-dayprune juice. prune juice. the doc said to have it warm twice a day with the Miralax. it works instantly. this morning i had it without the Miralax. extraordinary.

no nausea yesterday. though sometimes a little almost queasy like my body was thinking hum. do we like this or not. 

had a junior bacon cheeseburger and fries for supper. am remembering to chew food to death. it's not bothering me anymore. 

and it is mindful eating which is a goal i've had for years. and though i'm not quite thinking of food as "fuel" as my therapist has been talking about, but it is thinking of how the food will affect me which is awfully damn close.

BODY = Not Hurting  (got up to pee in the night and felt a ripping sensation in my upper right ribs where the gallbladder is. i think this is a muscle not the gallbladder)
Energy = Good
Clarity = Good
cut back on Lamictal last night by 100. Now at 400 pm.

<![CDATA[June 16th, 2015]]>Wed, 17 Jun 2015 03:54:57 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/june-16th-2015Picture
Must sleep tonight

<![CDATA[June 15th, 2015]]>Mon, 15 Jun 2015 23:53:44 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/june-15th-2015Mood = Wobbly
Energy = Good, though sleepy today
Body = Strong
Stomach = good, but still slow. doc wants me to have warm prune juice and Miralex twice a day.
Because of stomach/constipation issues, I am going down to 400 mgs pm of Lamictal tomorrow night.]]>
<![CDATA[mood going down]]>Sat, 13 Jun 2015 09:20:28 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/mood-going-downPicture
gut moves too slowly. tiny meals no fiber prescribed. hope it's not forever.

sleep problems last couple of nights. tried sleeping without trazadone. this is always a problem. i have a twilight sleep. of course, sometimes i do anyway.

alex moved out yesterday. i thought he was moving today, but he slept over there last night. i laugh cried laughed a little. SO glad he is doing this.

my body is adjusting to the tiny meals. any after eating so little i only lost a pound this week. but that's okay. i feel much better. no nausea or pain at all. just little twinges of please don't eat this stop.

walked in pool with becky thursday and friday. i was feeling so good. but i think i overdid it. it is so great to have a partner.

then inexplicably i emailed my old department head and told him i wanted to teach a class in the fall. and i do. but have i jumped the gun?

two things. advice on local radio show about finical matters. you will never be your future self. you are your now self. take care of things now. NOW. also, on NPR dale heard a bit about stupid rich think and smart poor thinking. would you drive 20 mins to save 50$ on a 300$ tablet? of course. would you drive 20 mins to save 50$ on a 1000$ tablet? of course not. i am a stupid rich thinker. that is going to stop right now.

plus, we need the money. period. have new fridge coming. impulse but. need to buy things for alex, washer, dryer, etc. paying for remodel/update on linda sue's bathroom. we also need to save money stupid. and quit nickel and dimeing yourself stupid. and go back to work stupid. not a lot of work at this point. but some work. you can do it it will do you good and it will help finances a LOT.

ENERGY = LOW so far
SLEEP = inadequate
ANXIETY = Can't tell so far.
BODY = over did it in pool?
HANDS = hurting. because i didn't type a lot the last couple of days?
HEAD = allergies?? sneezing. coughing. head aching. (almost a migraine last night.)
FOOD = tiny. Must adjust.
STOMACH = SO much better.
Medication = tried going without TRAZADONE. Last two nights. Doesn't work. But I looked back at the last couple of months and have had lots of trouble sleeping. every few days. will work on caffeine. will work on getting quiet before bed no TV. also, my mood is all over the place. i must start keeping track every single day.

<![CDATA[June 10th, 2015]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2015 22:47:50 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/june-10th-2015had barium yuck suck fuck today. took about 5 1/2 hours. stupid. i wish they'd told me what to expect at the doctor's office.

Mood = Good
Energy = Good
Pain Level = No]]>
<![CDATA[June 09th, 2015]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2015 02:30:44 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/june-09th-2015much too long away
having nausea every day and pain every day. Zofran is saving my life. must see surgeon about options.

but a little interior and maybe a little low.
wrists are cured and i don't think i even have fibro anymore.
morning stretching continues.
28 lbs lost.

will be going to pool with Becky, but I swear. Getting in there makes me manic. my body just goes crazy with endorphines. or baby fishes.

<![CDATA[need sleep.]]>Sun, 31 May 2015 21:03:13 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/need-sleepPicture
SLEEP = 5 or fewer hours a night. i wake up in pain.

(wrists are good though. back was really bad last night but better today. but didn't feel well enough to go my dad's today. that's two weekends in a row. boo!)

hope to hear about scan tomorrow
constipated (cocktail is not working)
belly pain
am taking oxy, zofran, rantidine, levsin, tums
had migraine yesterday but it responded to treatment
28 pounds down. 80 days in to the rest of my life.
swim for the shore sailor.

<![CDATA[May 29th, 2015]]>Fri, 29 May 2015 14:48:24 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/may-29th-2015Picture
i honestly do not know. i feel like i made the whole "attack" up. most likely because of eating so much sugar. of not sleeping enough. or the Zophran stupid dumb numb fuck you. 
i am removed. i have been removed. i am stuck in a cloven pine yes. 
have not had another attack. but have felt bad, mostly stomach pain. not much nausea. but some of that. bowels are messed up.

i am getting worried that it isn't gallbladder. that it is colon cancer. that i am really my mom. i have taken her place.

i should hear about the scan today. i hope.

i feel stupid for not going to the doctor sooner. what was i thinking? i go to the doctor for everything. but i didn't about this. impaction. run to the doctor. duh.

Sleep = Fighting it. 
Took Seroquel last night.
Mood = On a downward slope. Teary about Sex and City the film. Teary about a lot of things the last week. But not really worried about it. I miss Dale. He will be home tonight.

just want to get back to normal, though i can't quite remember what that is.


<![CDATA[seriously]]>Mon, 25 May 2015 15:16:31 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/seriouslyPicture
saw gut girl FRIDAY, 5/22. started gut regime--2 x day 1 cap Miralax and 1 TBS Benefiber. Renatidine at noon and at bedtime. Zofran every 6 hours for nausea.

had attack on SATURDAY 5/23. Went to hospital ER on 5/24 Sunday early am. Was sent home after blood work was normal.

had another attack, though mild, Sunday morning. talked to doctor. told me to eat liquids.

today is monday. eating liquids. no problems so far. very hungry. have eaten ice cream, pudding, frozen pops, Jello. coffee with cream.

scheduled for ultrasound on WEDNESDAY, 5 27. scheduled for upper and lower scopes on June 4th. (stopped iron today and all supplements today.)

having right neck pain. having right hip pain. wrist pain is coming back. realized that i had been taking Valium every day for the last month and it is most likely that that has kept me from hurting. will discuss this with doctor. am trying SKELAXIN 4 times day.

Lulu ate my biteguard this morning, 5/25


<![CDATA[better]]>Fri, 22 May 2015 11:49:17 GMThttp://godlikepoet.com/mood-record/betterPicture
wednesday night, after the terrible no Valium day, i took Seroquel and was fine yesterday. am finer this morning. we went to jackson's last night and i had two glasses of wine and my stomach was fine. no nausea. of course i had taken zofran. but even that didn't work on wednesday.

i probably feel a bit better because i have a doctor's appointment this morning to see the gut girl. i usually get better as soon as i go to the doctor. well, often. anyhow, it's best to be sure i don't have an ulcer.

was tired yesterday, but not too wiped out to go to workshop. and the drugstore. i think i took a nap (?)

POOL = WEDNESDAY, 25 mins.
DID NOT take IRON yesterday.
HAVE NOT really pooed since Tuesday?
Am now taking full dose of Lamictal at night, not taking 100 mg in morning.
2 glasses of red wine last night.
Allergies = better, but still may need med. today
(good grief. my left wrist is bothering me.)